As an innovative PDM/EDM system provider, we want to offer our customers optimum solutions. To us, optimum means as powerful as necessary and as cost-effective as possible.


A professional software solution adapted to business needs with minimal procurement, roll-out and maintenance costs.


A powerful, parameterizable and flexible standard software solution, standard interfaces, and add-on modules to expand functionality where required.


An affordable PDM software solution adapted to your needs - easy to maintain, lean yet expandable, with no expensive individual programming.


We employ object-oriented development techniques and cutting-edge software engineering methods to guarantee that our products are of a high quality standard. Our internal quality management system ensures that only professional software leaves our production line. And because we have a clear-cut internal structure and allocation of responsibilities, the customer benefits from smoothly managed processes - and to us, that's an equally important aspect of quality.


At Orcon, an individual solution doesn't mean an exotic solution. Instead, we believe in basing our solutions on established standards. This applies to both operating systems and databases in client/server environments. We only use standard interfaces for communication and data transfer between programs (e.g. XML, DDE, OLE, COM). The use of standard options gives our customers peace of mind because they know their investments are future-proof.