Phoenix/PDM gets new SAP interface

Orcon has implemented an SAP interface in the product data management system Phoenix/PDM.

The new module, SAP Connect, links the system to SAP and Netweaver and gives access to a whole range of function modules. It enables users to read out material attributes and inventories, to name just one example.

"The new module creates a simple yet powerful link to SAP without increasing complexity," says Orcon Sales Manager Hermann Krieg.

The module gives PDM system users full access to standard and customized SAP function modules. It can be used to transfer import parameters and read export parameters. And because it provides access to SAP business objects, users can access and present information in SAP in a user-friendly, object-oriented concept. The background processes take place without the knowledge of the user, who only interacts with the simple user interface.

SAP Connect provides user exits and script functions to interrogate data in the ERP system and present it in the PDM system. For example, you can read out an inventory and display it in the PDM screen or create a new change number in SAP. "In theory you could query, create or change almost anything in SAP using the available components. But in practice, Phoenix/PDM usually makes this unnecessary," explains Krieg. Typical tasks include querying the attributes of business objects, obtaining numbers with SAP number generators, and creating a material master or parts lists. The PDM software and the ERP system communicate in the same way as the various SAP modules, stresses the manufacturer.

And of course, the solution is easily adapted to future requirements. "The customer gets a dynamic product with far-reaching possibilities," Krieg concludes.

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