PTC Creo Elements/Direct

Phoenix/PDM has the interface to the PTC product Creo Parametric (formerly Creo Elements/Pro; Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire). The interface is fully integrated into the CAD user interface.

Creo Parametric interface at a glance

  • Fast familiarization. Only four Phoenix/PDM functions are required for most of the daily work: Load - Save - Copy - Update.
  • Automatic filling of the drawing title block including the change history with data from Phoenix/PDM.
  • Automatic creation of PDF and model preview files via the Phoenix/RCS job server.
  • Parts lists are transferred from the model structure to Phoenix/PDM and can be extended there.
  • Reload and update parts or assemblies in a team (concurrent engineering).
  • Important PDM properties such as write permissions, status, version, last update etc. are displayed directly in the structure browser in PTC Creo Parametric.
  • Useful for users switching: PTC Creo Elements/Direct Modeling data managed in Phoenix/PDM can be loaded to PTC Creo Parametric and migrated to PTC Creo Parametric models at the touch of a button - including a drawing.