Office interfaces

Microsoft Office

Phoenix/PDM has a Microsoft Office interface which is fully integrated in the Office user interface.

Phoenix/PDM supports Office document templates. Field variables in Office documents are automatically aligned with the data in Phoenix/PDM.

The workflow integrated in Phoenix/PDM automatically generates neutral formats such as PDF or XPS for visualization, archiving and plot management.

With the MS Office interface, it's finally possible to manage and archive documents centrally. These documents can be easily linked to projects or other objects in Phoenix/PDM.

Microsoft Outlook

The interface between Phoenix/PDM and Microsoft Outlook makes it easy and convenient to manage your e-mail.

You're probably familiar with the problems caused when e-mails are archived in employees' personal folders. Different team members often don't know about essential information because they can't access a colleague's inbox. The MS Outlook interface bridges this information gap. E-mails are managed and archived centrally in Phoenix/PDM. Using the elegant structuring options offered by the software, they can then be linked to specific projects, making the information available exactly where it's needed.

E-mails can be archived in project folders in Phoenix/PDM. Duplication is avoided.

Microsoft Office interfaces at a glance

  • Fully integrated in the MS Office user interface
  • Save e-mails to project folders
  • Manage and archive Office documents and e-mails centrally in Phoenix/PDM
  • Fully integrated in the Phoenix/PDM workflow
  • Automatically generates neutral formats such as PDF or XPS
  • Manage templates in Phoenix/PDM
  • Synchronize document variables with Phoenix/PDM