Plot & output management

Phoenix/PDM offers a convenient, sophisticated plot and output management feature.

Data conversion

Many employees require converted data from the development process. The production department needs this data to create NC programs. Purchasers want to provide vendors with DXF files to receive faster, cheaper quotations. Marketing and sales need to create professional 3D presentations with eDrawings. The documentation department needs neutral formats for its publishing programs. And people within the company need to view all technical drawings in Adobe Reader. And so the list goes on.

Phoenix/PDM provides an intelligent solution by ensuring that all parties have constant access to up-to-date data. Data conversion can be performed on demand or automatically as part of workflow actions, such as document release.

The data can even be sent conveniently and automatically by e-mail. For example, a purchaser can request a converted document in Phoenix/PDM. If the converted format doesn't yet exist, it is automatically created and e-mailed to the person who requested it.

The conversion service automatically loads the up-to-date files in the appropriate program and then saves them to the required target format. Once the files have been generated they can be sent by e-mail, copied to a central portal or checked back in to Phoenix/PDM.

Plot management

Finally, many departments still need paper copies of some documents, such as technical drawings. Here too, Phoenix/PDM offers the perfect solution in the form of integrated plot management.

The software can print out complete project folders or sets of drawings at the touch of a button, scaled to the original format or a desired target format. Documents can also be stamped when they are printed or plotted.

If you are printing shop papers for production, assuming that Phoenix/PDM is connected to an ERP system, it can automatically print the up-to-date drawings including the stamped order data at the same time.

Plot & output management at a glance

  • Universal conversion of CAD files to all formats that can be saved by the CAD system
  • Send converted documents by e-mail
  • Check converted files back in to system
  • Automatic creation of neutral formats
  • Update native CAD formats, e.g. after introducing a new CAD software release
  • Integrated raster conversion, e.g. TIFF, JPEG or PNG to PDF
  • Convert mass data, e.g. convert all CAD drawings to PDF or DXF