The workflow integrated in Phoenix/PDM controls release processes for data and documents such as articles, parts lists, technical drawings, 3D CAD models and all other document and object types.

It describes the life cycle of articles and documents and thus the business process in which these objects are created, tested and modified. Different objects may pass through different processes and, depending on editing status or other status, may progress to different subsequent statuses. Depending on the importance of the decision, the approval of one or more users may be required.

The Phoenix/PDM workflow is a key element of quality assurance that empowers managers at all levels to make fast, precise decisions. It does this by making sure rules are adhered to, therefore avoiding mistakes.


  • Automatic change documentation
  • Automatically creates and updates neutral formats such as TIFF and PDF upon release or other object status changes
  • Automatically generates and sends e-mails, e.g. notifications of important changes or activities
  • Ensures that rules are adhered to in the business process
  • Describes and documents the product life cycle