Document visualization is one of the real strengths of Phoenix/PDM. The software features its own integrated visualization and our ultra-fast viewer, Phoenix/VIEW, is supplied free with every Phoenix/PDM client floating license.

Phoenix/PDM provides the user with essential visual support whenever it is needed in the program.

Phoenix/PDM offers an intelligent solution to visualization as the required viewers, for example SolidWorks eDrawings, Adobe Reader, Microsoft XPS Viewer, Actify Spinfire and Lattice XVL Player, are embedded automatically. Phoenix/PDM can also handle all standard raster formats such as TIFF, CALS, PNG and JPEG.

Global accessibility

Neutral formats are generated automatically through the workflow, allowing documents to be viewed and printed by authorized employees in any department of the company and in any physical location.

Visualization at a glance

  • Visualization fully integrated in Phoenix/PDM
  • Automatic detection and use of plug-ins
  • Link in any number of external viewers
  • Visual support whenever it's needed
  • Automatic creation of neutral formats through the workflow
  • Direct visualization of raster data


PhoeniX-e|Motion 3D

PhoeniX-e|Motion 2D