Intelligent bill of materials management.

Simple and uncomplicated administration and creation of design bill of materials, optional connection to ERP system.

The BOM is an elementary component for describing your product data. While some CAD-oriented PDM systems equate model structures with parts lists, Phoenix/PDM uses a comprehensive module for this purpose. Reduce the manual maintenance effort and avoid errors, especially when transferring into your ERP system.

In order to work optimally with CAD systems, it may be necessary that the model structure does not correspond exactly to the parts list. For this reason, Phoenix/BOM provides you with a tool that both uses the CAD structure of your design and can also be extended or modified independently of it. When saving CAD models, you decide whether certain components are to be taken into account or not in a BOM derivation.

The derived bill of materials can easily be supplemented with additional articles via drag & drop. Depending on the application, different views of the parts list can also be derived as HTML pages or Excel lists. This includes modular, structural, quantity and spare parts lists. Saw and cut lists for profile and welded constructions can also be created at the touch of a button.

As with all our modules, visualization also plays an important role for Phoenix/BOM. For this reason, a miniature view from the CAD model is also output for each position. In the change view, the differences between different versions of the parts list can be clearly displayed.

In combination with our ERP interface Phoenix/ERP you automatically transfer bill of materials to the ERP system. The transfer can be started manually or integrated into a workflow such as drawing approval. Facilitate the day-to-day business of the design department by avoiding frequent changes between the ERP and PDM systems and multiple entries.

Phoenix/BOM at a glance

  • Derivable from CAD structure.
  • Independent area, can be extended independently of the CAD structure.
  • Various display variants such as modular and spare parts lists.
  • Graphical representation also as HTML or Excel file.
  • Connection to the ERP system with Phoenix/ERP.
  • Synchronizing the bill of materials in the CAD system.