Synchronize data from distributed locations.

Automatic configurable synchronization of your file archives between all locations. This gives you secure access to your data at any location.

Distributed locations

Nowadays, companies usually do not operate at just one location. Rather, they are typically located throughout Germany or even worldwide.

Distributed File Server

To ensure optimum performance when loading and storing complex CAD data, Phoenix/PDM distributes the data to the locations where the development teams work. The database knows at all times where the current version of a file is located. Phoenix/PDM ensures that every user accesses and synchronizes the current files, or updates them automatically at their own location if necessary.

Over time windows, preferably at night, when there is not much data traffic on the lines, archives on the sites can be automatically updated. So that all users always have optimal access times.

Phoenix/DFS at a glance

  • Optimum speed when loading and saving complex CAD data.
  • Automatic updating of file archives during non-productive times.
  • Controlled and secure access to current files.