Mobile access to your data.

Make better decisions with secure and fast mobile access to critical business data anytime, anywhere in the world.


Worldwide visualization and printing of neutral formats, raster data as well as native CAD formats via plugins, eDrawings, 3D-PDF, PVZ, etc.

In addition to the standard viewer Phoenix/VIEW, we offer the product Phoenix/eMotion for worldwide access via Internet technology.

With Phoenix/eMotion and Internet access, you can retrieve current product data, documents and project folders from anywhere in the world. These can be viewed and, of course printed.

This does not only help the service, also the sales department benefits from this kind of access. For example, they can quickly and professionally present current developments with 3D models.

Phoenix/MOBILE at a glance

• Visualization fully integrated in Phoenix/PDM.

• Visual support wherever it makes sense.

• Printing, displaying and, if necessary, measuring independent of CAD software.

• Automatic plug-in recognition and use.

• Raster data are visualized directly.

• Worldwide access or paperless production possible with Phoenix/eMotion.