Interface to Microsoft Office.

By using the Phoenix/OFFICE interface for Microsoft Office, documents are comfortably managed and centrally archived.

The description of your products almost always includes other documents in addition to the CAD data. This includes, for example, specifications, data sheets, assembly instructions, real pictures of components and correspondence with customers or suppliers. It is crucial to bring these data into connection with customers, projects and products. This provides a complete overview of all available information at all times. In Phoenix/PDM, any file format can therefore be stored simply by drag & drop.

Phoenix/PDM is directly integrated with the Microsoft Office and Outlook products. Project- or product-specific documents and emails can be transferred to Phoenix/PDM with a single click. We automatically link your files into the project structure. Recipients, addressees, subjects and other information are read from emails and made available in search fields.  This makes correspondence accessible to everyone in the company.

Avoid multiple entries by inserting information from Phoenix/PDM into predefined fields of forms and templates. If required, you can send saved files directly from our system. Phoenix/PDM places files directly into a new email to send them directly.

In combination with Phoenix/RCS, saved Excel and Word files are converted to PDF. Other Phoenix/PDM techniques such as release and version management can also be applied to Office and Outlook data.

Phoenix/OFFICE at a glance

  • Store documents centrally for projects and products.
  • Direct integration - save to Phoenix/PDM with a single click.
  • Fill forms and templates with information from Phoenix/PDM.
  • Integration into workflows and version management.