Your software for Product Data Management.

Phoenix/PDM is your tool for managing project data, CAD models and drawings.

It offers all departments in the company easy and flexible access to their virtual data.

Phoenix/PDM at a glance

  • Modular PLM software for central management of project and product data.
  • Multi-CAD administration with multiple interfaces to various CAx and ERP systems.
  • Multi-level licensing model for cost-optimized access from all areas of the company.
  • Modern, accessible and consistently structured software architecture.
  • Multilingual user interface integrated in Phoenix/PDM and can be adjusted accordingly.
  • Over 25 years of development with a focus on efficient business processes.

Throughout the entire product life cycle, information is generated that you must relate to your design data. This is why our system focuses not only on the integration of your CAD systems, but also on their logical relationship to designs, development history, machine programs, print management, order and project data, master data, parts lists, to name but a few. The list can be continued at will.

Core processes such as change management, release processes or the administration of standard components play a central role in every company - only often in different forms. PDM beginners in particular would like a PDM system to not only provide them with an electronic management system, but also with instructions on how these processes can be implemented profitably for the company. Take advantage of our experience and work with us to develop the right strategy.

From our many years of experience, we know that every PDM project is individual, as are our customers. That's why we deliver

tailor-made solutions to meet your challenges.

How does Phoenix/PDM meet this demand from individual requirements and different variants of core processes?

Our Phoenix/PDM software is divided into three different areas. From these possibilities we put together the suitable configuration for you.

The core software, which contains various configurable options for each module.

Configurable options can be understood as switches that can be used to switch between different settings available in the core software. This ranges from simple variants, such as selection options for individual data fields, to versioning strategies of varying complexity.

Each customer receives all these variants and can change the settings if required. These options often result from practical experience with our customers, which we then make available to all users in a general form.

Different software modules.

From these possibilities we put together the suitable modules for you in the configuration suitable to your mode of operation.

The open area for customer-specific, individual extensions.

Individual adjustments take place at the configuration level. These adaptations are decoupled from the core software and can therefore be fully updated. Our creative developers work in particular on the automation of interfaces.

You make use of our extensive range of finished software components. You will find a variety of application examples in our

Success Stories.

The modular extensions at Phoenix/PDM give you a convenient introduction to the PLM world (Product Lifecycle Management).

Successively integrate additional departments and processes. Phoenix/PDM enables you to achieve a high degree of automation in the networking of your virtual product data, making your company more productive.

Brilliant solutions are simple.