Integrated print and plot management.

Print entire project folders or sets of drawings at the touch of a button, scaled to a desired target format, if required with a stamp.

After all, many departments still need documents, such as technical drawings, in paper form. Phoenix/PDM with integrated plot management is also convincing here.

With Phoenix/SPOOL, Phoenix/PDM can print entire project folders or drawing sets at the push of a button, scaled to the correct format or to a desired target format. When printing or plotting, the documents can also be stamped.

With the ERP connection, the current drawings, together with the stamped order data, can be automatically printed out when printing the order papers for Phoenix/PDM production.

Phoenix/SPOOL at a glance

  • Automatic stamping of barcodes, text information (e.g. order no., date, status).
  • Automatic scaling to the desired target format.
  • Department-specific settings for production, assembly, purchasing, office, PDF, raster data.
  • Print entire project portfolio at the push of a button.
  • Format-specific as required (e.g. for assembly, production, meeting).
  • Batch print job.