about us

Company history

Peter Nürk, a business computer

technologist, founds ORCON GmbH

in 1992.

„DV Organisation und Beratung“,

in Englisch „ORganization and CONsulting“,

ORCON for short.

He is convinced of the idea of offering standard software that is individually configurable. Adaptations are not simply packed into a program, rather variable data from tables and databases are specifically incorporated.

Peter Nürk


Geschäftsführer bei ORCON Gmbh

This significantly reduces the ever more complex and time-consuming adjustments required for updates. In addition, individual customer wishes can be easily implemented and become available to other customers as added value.

This is one of the secrets that makes Phoenix/PDM so popular with users.

Today, Phoenix/PDM from ORCON is one of the few independent and established software solutions from Germany that provide reliable management and distribution of product information in companies.

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