Database replication optimizes working with Phoenix/PDM at distributed locations.

In order to offer the user the optimal performance at the workplace, two aspects have to be considered. One aspect relates to the response time behavior of the database for search queries and the other to the loading and saving of files.

Within a local area network (LAN), all users can access the database at full speed. However, as soon as access is made via the Internet/Intranet (WAN), e.g. via VPN, the access times to the database deteriorate significantly. This problem can be solved by replicating the database to the different locations.

The replication of the database at all locations has enormous advantages. Work can continue at the site, even if the network is temporarily unavailable. In addition, the response times of the database are the same at all locations. The replication service of the database ensures a secure and high-performance comparison of the data at all locations and ensures that all users always have access to current data.

The high-performance loading and saving of files is guaranteed by Phoenix/DFS.

In combination, both solutions represent the optimal situation to ensure the best possible performance and security when working at distributed locations.

Take advantage of our expertise in configuring database replication.


  • Database replication optimizes work at distributed locations.
  • Continued work at the site even in the event of a network outage.
  • Response times of the database are the same at all locations.