Interfaces to ERP systems.

Phoenix/PDM creates the bridge between CAD, PDM and ERP. We thus offer the appropriate interfaces for an automatic exchange of data between PDM and the ERP system.

A large part of the product data is created in the design department. For a successful handling of projects with customers, suppliers and internal production, this data must be exchanged in a structured way with the ERP system.

Our system-neutral ERP interface is basically able to exchange data bidirectionally. In practice, it is common not to synchronize all information immediately and bluntly. In order to generate consistent data, you need targeted technical processes that correspond to the business logic. Article information is usually exchanged in both directions with the ERP system. Parts lists are often only written into the ERP system by Phoenix/PDM as design parts lists. Further information is added there that is not managed by Phoenix/PDM. The administration of the article number is usually the task of the ERP system.

If required, Phoenix/PDM communicates with the ERP system and requests the next free number for you. There are always three time points available for the distribution of information:

  • During a new entry, for example of new production parts.
  • At the push of a button ("On Demand"), for example how much is the inventory of a standard part?
  • Automated by a workflow, e.g. for drawing approval.
  • Bidirectional, automated and reliable data exchange with ERP systems, thereby:
  • Decoupling of the design department from the ERP system.
  • System-neutral platform for the connection of further programs.
  • Secured access to current drawing statuses from the ERP system.

Phoenix/ERP at a glance