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At first glance, digitalization in medium-sized companies sounds like a simple transition from state A to state B, from analog to digital. In practice, however, this process presents a complex challenge.

In particular, the organization between different departments and individual applications requires both a deep understanding of business processes and technical know-how of modern software and interface architecture.

Digitalization in medium-sized companies with Phoenix/PDM

„What is happening now [...] is the digitalization of manufacturing processes and the digitalization of processes between companies and customers. Here I think we are very, very good in some areas. [...] But we may not have made as much progress as we should in penetrating the mass of medium-sized companies.“

Speech by Angela Merkel at the Digital Summit on 4 December 2018 (German)

Today, the market offers a wealth of digital solutions for every challenge. However, integration into the product lifecycle (PLM) is rarely taken into account. In addition to its multi-CAD (Autodesk AutoCAD, Inventor, SolidWorks, PTC Creo)  capability, Phoenix/PDM therefore also offers the option of integrating document management, ERP and CAx systems and correlating them with one another. Industry 4.0 means for us: the intelligent networking of your digital product data. In our Success Stories, you can find out how our customers successfully combine various applications in Phoenix/PDM in a profitable way.

ORCON GmbH can look back on several decades of experience from a multitude of product data management projects. Many of our customers started with an Engineering Data Management (EDM) solution. Phoenix/PDM now forms the backbone of the digital coordination system as a deeply integrated PLM system. As a reliable partner, we are always one ear to our customers and the other to innovations for our Phoenix/PDM.

In our CAD manufacturer-neutral and independent development the guiding principle applies:

„Phoenix/PDM is the made-to-measure suit off the rack“.

Our software has a modular structure and offers an enormous range of adjustable parameters. Although we offer a practice-oriented, standardized "out-of-the-box" solution, we can often map individual requirements by changing some configuration parameters. This saves expensive development effort and provides important stability for updates.


Countless productions produce their components every day with the modular assembly system MMS from Kemmler + Riehle. The profile system is being further developed with the CAD system PTC Creo Elements / Direct.

With the Phoenix/PDM data management from ORCON, 3D data is available to every user ...

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ORCON provides insight into product data management with Phoenix/PDM: PDM in the context DesignChain; Structure and basic functions (interfaces), copy management, data management, change management ...

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